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Tips to Get you Started

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Tips to Get you Started

Post  Night on Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:49 pm

Understanding that not everyone are experienced RP-ers is all about being in a pack. e are all willing to teach you and help you learn to expand and advance your RP-ing skills. Here are some general tips to roleplaying. Enjoy! ^^

- Choose one perspective to roleplay in. [first person or third person]

First Person: first person is when you rp as the character. An example of this may be: I wandered through the woods, slightly restless."
Third Person: 3rd person is when you rp as if you were telling a story. An example may sound like this: Night restlessly padded through the woods. Her ears were perked forwards and her eyes pressed ahead.

It is suggested that if you are wanting to increase your rp knowledge, that you rp as third person. It allows lots of detail to be included as well as sets the setting for other members. Although, whatever you are comfortable with can be used.


- Roleplay using plenty of detail. there is no limit to the detail you include. Your goal is to paint an image in everyone elses' head. Some ways to do this is:

- include your 4 main senses to really create the setting. [vision, sound, feel, smell]
- really focus on the setting and what your character is doing
- come up with other words rather than: your name, he/she : use words like : canid, canine, wolf, male/female :

I shall keep this topic open for suggestions for the time being. Although, please do not repeat answers, please do not only "comment" on someone's suggestion, and also, it is suggested that an example is included in your suggestion.
Thank you! :3

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