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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post  Night on Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:19 pm

Our forum follows the basic guidelines of the ones set out for the pack Thread. Although we do allow some twists here and there. To refresh your memory, and add to the list, please follow these rules while hanging out on the forum.

- no double, triple posting etc
This clutters the topics and forums.

- no cussing, cursing, or rude language is to be used.
We allow things like WTF and LMAO but we prefer not to use it to a large extent.

- Be respectful to everyone, be welcoming, and be understanding

- No SPAM on any forums. We do not permit this sort of behavior and you will most likely be banned from the site possibly forever.

- Please make your posts at least 3 words in length.
Especially during RolePlays, we expect a great detail put in.

- Keep all issues, disagreements, and arguments through pm only.
if you have a problem with someones post personally, it is suggested that you keep the comment to yourself. Although, if it goes further, please keep your discussions through Pm's. This pack is expected to be a drama free zone.

- no creating duplicate, useless, or silly topics that will create no use for the forum. It simply creates a very cluttered site.

- Mates are allowed but only brought up here on the site. The pack thread is not permitted for this sort of posts.

- No back-seat moderating. That is the moderators' job. Instead, pleas euse the "!" symbol located on each post.

Please realize these rules are in place for the comfort of the pack and ensure that our Golden Rule is followed through, and that means having fun in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.
More rules will be added to the list if need be, but we prefer not to do so. This takes away your free which in turn, takes away from the golden rule.
Disobeying these rules could result in punishment, warning, and possible ban.

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