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Rules for Roleplaying

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Rules for Roleplaying

Post  Night on Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:12 pm

Rules that apply in Role Plays is an important way to ensure they go smoothly and without problems. We don't ask alot from you, simply that you follow these simple rules before posting in RPs.

- no killing other members
yes, we do allow fights and challenges if they will not lead to death or serious injuries unless the player has given you permission.

- respect everyone, especially higher ranks.
We have a rank system for a reason. To have users to play certain roles in the community as well as to actually have a lead position. Although we do not tolerate rudeness towards any rank, as wolves in RPs, the ranking system is to be used and respected.

- no power playing
power playing is when a member will play as someone elses character without permission, possible deciding one's actions, feelings, or position.

- no quick easy hunts. This must be realistic and most prey is a challenge.
in order for our pack to reflect real wolves, we ask that hunting is realistic and fair. If you are not sure of the extent "fake hunting" goes, feel free to pm me.
This also includes the rule below, in order for our pack to feel "real"
- no powers unless it is an unrealistic roleplay

- Mate and Pups
We do allow members to establish mates, as long as the Egetes is contacted and is able to affirm the situation.
If you and your mate are interested in having pups or adopting, please contact the Egetes first.

- No "God-modding"
"God-modding" is when a member makes their character invincible, such as nit being able ti die, dodging ALL attacks, never being hurt in any way, etc. Technically making themselves better, stronger, and having no weaknesses against other characters.

- Please no back-to-back roleplaying
This means that you and another user are preferred not to RP back and forth, as it only results in confusion of others. If you wish to do this sort of thing, feel free to rp on the chat box. ^^

-please try to put some detail when posting in rps.
This means having a reply that is hopefully longer than 1 sentence long.

I realize that this looks like alot to ask, but really, all of it is simple things that should help improve everyone's rp skills, and the fun of our roleplays. If you have any concerns about the rules, feel free to pm me. Other than that, enjoy yourself! And try to make these rps interesting! -.^


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