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Q&A Guide for Those Posting

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Q&A Guide for Those Posting

Post  Night on Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:04 pm

The point if the Q&A forum is for members to ask questions and for others to answer them. Not only will you receive help, others will be able to get answers too. Some questions may even be added to the FAQ page.
In order for questions to be successfully answered, we ask several things of you.

For the questioners:
-please make your topic title your main question.
- please respect all answers, even if they don't help very much.
- please explain your question in detail on the first post.
- your topic will be locked once the question is answered
- it is your responsibility to check the topic for answers.

For the helpers :
-please do not repeat answers unless you are expanding off of someone elses.
- please answer questions in a respectful manner
- please ensure you are giving the correct answer. If you are unsure, contact an Egetes.
- Goodluck and thanks for the help! ^^

Thanks for reading this over everyone. Goodluck to those answering questions!

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